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welcome to my passion, my stories and my life...i have the honor to witness and be a part of the most incredible moments- when a baby is born, a couple become parents before my very eyes, and as families celebrate milestones and special moments. 

birth can happen anywhere

janelle had visions of laboring in the birth tub set up in the living room while wearing her beautiful, ribbon and flower head wreath woven by her closest friends. the day her labor started, all those visions went out the window...because she had a very, quick, strong labor. after receiving a text from her husband telling me to "come quick", i immediately made my way to their home. she was lying on a threshold in the hallway- her legs in the bathroom and the rest in the hallway. the midwife was in the bathroom assisting her and husband on hand to lend physical and emotional support. her doula arrived shortly after. baby grace was born out of the strength and love from her mom, dad and birth team; right there in the hallway in front of her own bedroom. unforgettable.

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