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welcome to my passion, my stories and my life...i have the honor to witness and be a part of the most incredible moments- when a baby is born, a couple become parents before my very eyes, and as families celebrate milestones and special moments. 

she believed she she did

The winners of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers image competition were announced this morning! I am absolutely thrilled and honored that one of my images was given an honorable mention! Over 600 images were submitted this year from around the world in the categories of labor, delivery, postpartum and details. My honorable mention was submitted in the labor category.

Honorable Mention- 2017 International Association of Professional Birth Photographers- "she believed she could"

Honorable Mention- 2017 International Association of Professional Birth Photographers- "she believed she could"

I am grateful to the mom, who gave me permission to share and to enter this image. For this birth, I was also her doula. It was a long labor and I was there for about 31 hours of it. I was witness to her amazing strength, determination and to the love and commitment from her partner. She was nurtured and supported by her midwives, who patiently gave her the space she needed when she needed it and who also literally enveloped her with guidance, encouragement and love. I am in awe of midwives...and the power of women.

 After I explained to my client about IAPBP and what the competition was about she did some research. She contacted me and gave me the approval and was impressed with the organization and with the artistic, beautiful and empowered portrayal of birth. 

Birth photography, as you can see, is a very personal and intimate experience, both for the photographer and for the people being photographed. They are at their most vulnerable, raw and emotional. When I am hired as a birth photographer, I am always honored and I fully and completely respect the birth space and experience of my clients. I aim to document their personal story and journey as it unfolds and to give them images they will cherish for a lifetime. 

The group of birth photographers I have come to know through the work we do and the private groups on Facebook are so talented, inspiring and so supportive of each other. I am grateful to be part of a collective of women, mothers and artists who lift each other up and who share the beauty of birth with the world.

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