Stephanie Entin

Stephanie Entin MS, RD CD(DONA)

mom, photographer, birth doula, artist, lover of love, animals, chocolate, travel, food, art and great conversation


I fell in love with photography at the age of 13 on my first trip to Europe. My dad let me borrow his Nikon film camera for my journey. I saw Lake Lucerne, the Swiss Alps, changing of the guard at Buckingham palace, the Eiffel Tower, Reine River and my first fondue through the lens of my camera. My passion turned into my profession when I began documenting births. I was drawn to the rawness and realness and uniqueness of each and every birth, story and person. My creative heart is drawn to the documentary style of photography but, I also love to challenge myself and will create what my clients envision.

I have experience documenting all types of birth, including home, hospital, birth center and c-section births. I have attended births where the entire group of family and friends are present and also ones where my clients prefer privacy with just the two of them. 

Birth Doula

I became a birth doula before I became a mom. I have been supporting births as a doula for over 15 years now and am experienced with VBAC, cesarean, non-medicated, medicated, home, birth, birthing center births and Hypnobirthing. I am DONA certified and have attended workshops with Sara Buckley, Anna Verwaal, Gina Kirby and Michel Odent. 

I love supporting families to help them achieve the birth they have planned. I am an advocate, a birth guardian, and there to offer emotional and physical support, experience and knowledge.

Often, I am hired as a doula and birth photographer at the same time. In those instances, my doula support is paramount, and when given opportunities I document the birth story and each individual client's birth journey as it unfolds. 


I am a proud mom to two beautiful girls, who came into the world in their own unique way. With my first, I was induced and had a cesarean. With my second, I chose to have a VBAC at home and she was born in the water. With both births I had a doula to support me. I feel no matter what type of birth is planned or how it ends up going, having a birth doula is essential. I will never forget the love and support I felt with both of my birth experiences.

My girls are my inspiration for everything I do.

I would love to document and support your motherhood and birth journey.

With love,


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