love notes

some lovely words from some of my clients

"When Stephanie arrived at our birth, I was on the floor in a tiny hallway - clearly not the best place for great photography. But she worked magic in that tiny hall, capturing all the beauty and anguish of the experience. Many people asked me if I thought having a photographer during my birth would take away from the intimacy of it. Absolutely not, because Stephanie has an amazing gift! Though I never felt the camera lens upon me, I felt lovingly witnessed and fully supported by her. She was truly amazing and I am so grateful. Our birth photos are one of my most cherished possessions."-Janelle M.

"Stephanie Entin showed up in our lives towards the end of my second pregnancy like an angel and protector. As soon as she appeared, our birthing team finally felt complete. In our first meeting, I could tell she was a warrior who would help make our delivery dreams come true. She was very thorough in our meetings, asking many questions, and genuinely caring. Stephanie is very knowledgeable about pregnancy, delivery, and gave me tips on how to smoothly ride my last few weeks as comfortable as possible. Being a successful VBAC mama herself, she gave me the courage and strength to keep pursuing the natural birth we always wanted; and when the time came for my labor, she was incredibly supportive and assured me and my husband that everything was ok, as many times as we needed to hear it. As my labor at home lingered, she was most resourceful to find a chiropractor to come to my home and give me the adjustment I needed to get past it, coached me thru every contraction, every breath and crazy position I needed to be in, and held me tight as my time for pushing the baby out came at the birth center. She is incredibly strong, caring, and it just feels right to have her around. I wish every mama would have someone like her for their births, because Stephanie truly is an angel, and we are forever grateful.

P.S.- Through all of that, she also managed to take amazing photos! she is just that incredible.

Forever grateful for her help and support"—Gabriela, Daniel, Lucas & baby Marcelo.


“Stephanie Entin was the most wonderful doula we could have ever hoped for. She guided, supported, and reassured us over the most important journey of our entire lives. Her wisdom, compassion, and insight helped us prepare over the months leading up to the big day. And when that day came Stephanie was a pillar of strength and love. Over many hours of labor Stephanie calmed my fears and helped me realize my dreams of a natural spiritual birth. With her photography she captured the emotion and magnitude of our son's arrival. I never imagined birth photography could be so beautiful! Thank you, Stephanie, for all you have done for our family.” -Liza and Patrick

“Stephanie is clearly passionate about capturing the beautiful reality of babies and parenthood.  When coming to our home following the birth of our first baby the documentary style of her photos show all of the excitement and love felt in those first days.  It's wonderful to be able to see our candid interactions in our own space.”- Andrea


"Stephanie was an essential part of our birth. Not only is she comforting to have around but she is educated in the birth experience and helped us navigate a birth plan, what we should understand before birth, and was always available for questions or meeting. Also, my entire birth being over 40 hrs long, she was there for nearly all of it to support me as well as give my husband much needed breaks and support! We always be grateful for having her support us in this life changing experience!"- Daniella P.


“I was fortunate to have had Stephanie as my doula for my second birth. The first ended with an emergency cesarean and I wanted to do everything within my power to avoid that. Stephanie was with me and my husband through the entire labor and delivery. She was such a wonderful advocate and spokesperson for the decisions that I had made for the birth. I wanted to have a VBAC and wanted to avoid an epidural. She was so wonderful with both my husband and me. She was supportive and assisted with Hypnobirthing methods that I had studied prior to the birth. She was a calming voice and presence during times of stress and anxiety. After a successful and medication free birth my husband and I were both so grateful and honored to have had Stephanie as by our side. Thank you Stephanie. We were blessed to have you.”- Kendra H.


“I really liked Stephanie.  She was very kind and gentle and I was happy she was there.  Her foot rub was one of the best I think I ever had!!  I will never forget that moment when you and Stephanie and Chris and Lianne were around me during the “Cedars Spa” moment.  It was pure bliss.  The smell of lavender in the air, the foot massage, the back rub, and your calming voice guiding me through my happy places.  It was incredibly special.”- Stephanie W. 


“Stephanie is truly an amazing person. She cares about what she does and it shows. In such a short amount of time, I have developed a wonderful friendship with her and look forward to seeing her in class or getting an email from her. She also went way beyond the call of duty for me when I could not attend class because I had childbirth classes on the same night as Yoga class. I gave her a book to look through on Yoga and the next week she had written up exercises from the book I could do while I could not come to class. It made me feel a part class even though I wasn’t physically there.”- Amy N.


“Any time I see a pregnant woman at Tarzana Hospital who is not in the yoga class I just cannot understand why she wouldn’t want to partake in this program! The yoga classes are a great place to build relationships and/or share ideas and concerns with other pregnant women. Plus yoga is one of the best ways to prepare our bodies for birth. I feel like a million bucks after each class and I know that I’m doing something that is helping not only me but the little life inside of me. I really think the baby enjoys the yoga movements and can feel the positive vibes emanating from the class and throughout my body when I’m in class. Thank you Stephanie for providing this wonderful opportunity to us!” – Jackie B.